Having a Cold

March 17, 2019 - Health

One of the most common illnesses today is the Common Cold.
Year in Year out it can cause lots of irritable moments or even put you down, feeling miserable and unable to function.
The common cold often goes along with mucus, snot or better known as Slime.

What does the color tell us
Clear This is normal: Your body produces this 24/7. it is mostly water containing proteins, antibodies, and salt. Most flow down the back of your throat to your stomach.
White Something is up: Swollen, inflamed tissue in your nose slow down the flow.
Lack of moisture causes it to get thick and it can be a sign of nasal infection or a cold.
Yellow Your having a cold or Infection: Infection fighting cells are rushing in, along with white blood cells. Once they are exhausted they leave the body with the mucus. (last mostly 10-14 days)
Green Your immune system is really fighting: your mucus is thick and filled with remnants of the battle fought. if you’re still sick after 12 days, you might want to consider seeing a doctor, it could be a bacterial infection
Pink/Red This is blood: the tissue in your nose might have been broken. This can be the cause of it being to Dry, Irritated or by some kind of external impact.
Brown Could be dried blood, but more common you inhaled dirt or something else.
Black If you are not a smoker or using illegal drugs, this might indicate a bad fungal infection. Those kinds of infections can be a sign of a failing or compromised immune system, it’s advisable to go see a doctor.


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